Fuck Happiness. Aim For Contentment

There is no happy ever after; it’s a myth – a sale pitch that will never deliver, no matter what you are aiming for in life.

It’s one of those words that has a sliding scale, but as a molly-coddled society that is always looking for something else, we’ve made it a ‘something’.

As such, it always tends to end up in our futures. A constructed, imaginary state of bliss that, in reality, would actually be quite nauseating.

What’s more, imagine if you did become happy ALL the time. You’d end up having no barometer on pleasure or satisfaction; you’d inevitably start looking for something else.

Before you despair, though, try this.
Replace the word happiness with contentment.

Although it might sound less ambitious, you could argue that contentment goes beyond happiness. There is an element of peace and comfort about it. Surely, that sounds much, much better than happiness, right?

And it doesn’t need to take the edge off if you are trying to achieve something.

And it doesn't need to take the edge off if you are trying to achieve something.

Will I feel contentment tomorrow if…

Will I feel contentment tomorrow if…

The wisest people in the wisest religions in the world don’t chase happiness; they look for peace and contentment.

So remember, if you are struggling to find this imaginary thing called happiness, fuck it! Just work on being content.

aim for contentment

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Because you can.
Because you will.

pull your fucking socks up!