Bull Wisdom

don't wait for inspiration, be inspirational

Be Inspirational

Stop putting things off. Stop waiting for the perfect moment. Stop waiting to be inspired. Just BE inspirational.

there is no perfect, only practise

There Is No Perfect

Practise does NOT make perfect. Practise just makes you better. There is no endpoint, just a journey of improvement.

Respect Your Goals and break them down

Goals Are Hard, Work Them Clever

Goals are meant to be hard, especially if they are worthwhile. They’ll almost always take time as well so you need to work your goals hard and clever.

flex yourself motivation article

Un-Fix Your Damned ‘Self’

Rather than remaining FIXED in your mindset, learn to FLEX. Flexibility creates choice. Choice creates more opportunity to flex. Be the master of flex!

keep it simple motivation article

Keep It Fucking Simple!

By keeping things simple, we can focus – One step-at-a-time; one day-at-a time. Don’t overthink. Just do.