Making The Right Decisions

17 August 2020

Too many people in life look for an out to cover up their own lack of achievement.

Yes, external events happen. Yes, you can take a pass if you want. But how many times can you blame external circumstances for things not happening for you?

Taking responsibility is a decision. But, so is passing the blame on to something or someone else.

If you’re one of those people who continuously blame external events or people, you need to understand that a choice you make.

So, why not make another decision? The decision to take responsibility.

When you take responsibility, you take control.

Control (of yourself) puts YOU in charge, even in the shittiest of times.

Control allows you to be decisive.

Control tells anxiety to piss off.

Control makes you creative to give yourself options.

Be decisive: Take responsibility. Take control.

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Because you can.
Because you will.

pull your fucking socks up!