Bull Socks Wholesale Packs

MOTIVATIONAL Socks with a bite

Our motivational, sweary socks are available to retailers of all sizes, with low minimum order quantities available.

But, obviously the more you buy, the better your margin.

Extra Profit, Less risk

Expand your product range with minimum risk and good profitability to boot.

Example Costs

Buy 15 Pairs 
RRP Per Pair£8.00
Total RRP£120.00
Cost Per Pair*£4.50
Total Cost incl. Del.£75.50
Profit Margin (VAT*)25%
Profit Margin (NO VAT*)
Buy 30 Pairs 
RRP Per Pair£8.00
Total RRP£240.00
Cost Per Pair*£4.30
Total Cost incl. Del.£137.00
Profit Margin (VAT*)
Profit Margin (NO VAT*)
Buy 50 Pairs
RRP Per Pair£8.00
Total RRP£400.00
Cost Per Pair*£4.00
Total Cost incl. Del.£220.00
Profit Margin (VAT*)34%
Profit Margin (NO VAT*)45%

Great for small independents

* For 2020 we are not VAT registered. So, if you are a small business and not also not VAT registered you will benefit from better margins.


If you would like to know more about our socks, or would like to order a wholesale pack, simply contact us below and we will make contact.